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Inspired by "Zakhm," the Bollywood movie based on the life of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was produced in 1998. The drama Dhaval And Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd, the journey to find out the illegitimate child of a famous director. It is painful that when she was born, she was confronted with the tragic life that the person who caused her was her grandmother - a Hindu who inherited a harsh belief in his own daughter-in-law, a Muslim. Because of that, she had never seen her niece or daughter-in-law who had suffered heavy bloodshed from her family.


As a result of the burglary between celebrated director Ashish Mehta and Ayesha Haider, a Muslim woman, Avni Ayesha soon faced the pain of never having been seen by her grandmother Dayawanti Mehta. . Loving his wife, but Ashish Mehta can not fight his mother - a Hindu believer is full of conflict and harsh opinion with the Muslims. Always believing that it was the Muslims who caused the death of her husband, the widow always sought to divide her son's love. In order to cut off all ties to that non-formal family, Dayawanti decided for Ashish Mehta to marry Neela, the daughter of a wealthy businessman.
Casually learning the truth behind the arranged marriage, Neela has a relationship with Avni and help her find a fair. A movie about Avni's life is also made with her own messages hoping to help her in some way, but the film's launch date is also Ayesha's mother, Avni, accident according to the purpose of Dayawanti. And not stop there, she also killed Ayesha on the day she gave birth to his son Aman and kidnapped the boy and changed his name to Amol-heir of the family. After the efforts, Avni exposes his grandmother's crimes, but with the trick, Dayawanti has made people believe that Avni is the killer and push her into prison. With the help of Neela, Avni has escaped prison and they escaped together, but Dayawanti was faster, she made an appointment with Avni and unexpectedly shoots the life of her unhappy niece.
All hate, crime will remain in the dark and Avni missing will also be forgotten without the day the police officer Neil unexpectedly clashed and quarrel with the bandit Ananya Verma on the cliff - where Avni was shot in the past, and the secrets of Ananya Verma's true identity gradually unfolded, but there is, Neil can not be expected, Ananya Verma - generous robber robbery of the rich to raise money. In the case he is watching, it is Avni, who shares his bloodline with Riya. After 15 years, and under a different status, Avni decides to return, and together with Neela, they are planning to recapture Aman from the cruel mistress of Dayawanti .
Exploring religion is a risky path for filmmakers because of the sensitivity of the public to the details and content of the film, but with "the child is not recognized," the three Mahesh Bhatt, Loknath Pandey, and Sandeep Vijay have brought to life an impressive and humorous film story, capturing millions of audiences' hearts across the country. Talking about his "unconditioned grandson," Aditi Rathore, the female lead of the film, said, "I am really happy and happy to receive positive feedback from my audience and friends on the story. I'm unclaimed. " We have completed 400 episodes and will continue the story unfinished. Hope fans and fans will always love and support the film to somehow spread the human message of the film. "I'm really overwhelmed by the fans' feelings for the movie, and I'm also very happy to be a part of the set. Film is so successful.

The story that we bring is entering a period of exciting, exciting, thrilling and also full of romantic, sweet. I hope the audience will continue to love and support the story of this humanity. "With impressive storyline, the knot is pushed up to the climax but boldly human factors and acting press. Young talented filmmaker, "The Unconfirmed Child" has been nominated for "Best TV Show" at the "Efeed Awards 2018". Along with that, the lead actress Aditi Rathore - Zain Imam also received nominations for "Best TV Actor", "Best TV Actress" and "Best TV Pair" awards. The journey to find out the name of Avni then how? The past turmoil and religious contradictions in Dayawanti have been solved? And after the injury, Avni found happiness when carrying a body as a child out of wedlock? Are you reunited with your family - where will you be? The film "The child is unclaimed" - an impressive television work on the subject of religion will be the first Vietnamese audience on TodayTV at 21:00 every week 2-7.

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